Mega Downloader Manager Free Download For Windows

Mega Download Manager Free Download For Windows

Mega Downloader limited is the free and fast application that lets you download files directly from your computer. While this software is unofficial, it’s designed specifically to create the business of downloading files from Mega as easy and as quick as possible. There is also a companion application for uploading. This software is a great free way of downloading files fast. The application allows users to download multiple files simultaneously. It is completely secure and easy to use. The size of the data does not matter. It is also prepared to handle big data.

megadownloader v1.7
Mega Downloader limited

Mega Downloader descargar is sharing and cloud storage site from Kim Dotcom. Mega Downloader  1.7 is adjusted on end-to-end encryption.  This application means that data are encrypted both on upload and on download. This tool is designed to work on all modern operating systems that have Net 4.0 or higher installed. That means you can run this application on basically anything that can access the internet without any concern. The only restriction we find is the inability to set new languages from the software. Unfortunately, if you want to use this tool in another language, then you’ll have to set that up manually.

megadownloader v1.7
Mega Downloader descargar

Mega Downloader manager is the easiest method, but not the fastest. You can also resume, pause your downloading in this way. The cloud storage system making by Mega, Kit Dotcom has its integrated download manager. That simplifies the transfer of files between your computer and the site’s servers. However, you can prefer other options like MegaDownloader app.

megadownloader v1.7
MegaDownloader app.

Mega Downloader Features:

  •  Managed through a download list, users can view files accessed from a MEGA account.
  •  From here, data can be used and downloaded.
  • . Users can pause downloads in progress as well as stop or resume them, allowing for a hierarchy of files to be placed on the importance that they have established themselves.
  • With MegaDownloader, users can set files up in a queue.
  •  This application allows for grouping separate files together while packaged them into compressed files (RAR,  7z, ZIP, ARC,  TGZ, VBA,  and others).
  •  Mega downloader manager is also intuitive, separating links from files. It also allows for the distribution of speed per file being downloaded.
  • The most redeeming point of this program is accessibility.
  • MEGA is known by users to put access to the Internet into the hands of people.
  •  It is a part of their mission statement and them ethical position on file use and sharing.
  •  Users can access Mega Downloader from mobile devices or other computers from an Internet browser by taking advantage of MEGA’s integrated servers.


  •         NET Framework 4.0
  •         MEGA account

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