Extra Photo to Video Converter Free

Extra Photo to  Video Converter Free
Extra Photo to Video Converter Free

Extra Photo to  Video Converter Free Download Cracked :

There are many memorable photos in everyone’s life and all the people want those photos to share with their friends. The best way to share the photos with your friends and the loved ones to make a video of them by connecting them all together and make a video of them by giving them some pleasing effects. The Extra Photo to Video Converter help you create the video from your photos to make an event or something more memorable. The Extra Converter allows you to create the videos by combining all your photos and it also gives them effects and animations to make them better and is also takes very less time. It also takes a less space on the hard disk of your PC and does not effect the performance of your PC.


Extra Photo to  Video Converter Free

Features :

The Extra Converter has got many interesting tools and features. It allows the users to make videos very easily and provides them easy platform to use all the tools in the way they are supposed to be used. The Extra Photo to Video Converter also allows you to set the format of the video which you are making and it also let the users select the background for their images according to their own desire. It is very advanced app and probably, one of the best apps of its kind. Their are many advanced features in it that allow you to make your video more pleasant. You can also add text overlay on your photos. There are many transition effects for the videos also. The software is very easy to use and provides a user friendly interface. This app also let you to add some audio to make your over all video more interesting. The Extra Converter works fast and can give to the best quality videos. The quality of the final video depends on the quality of the images that you are using in the video and it also depends on the format.

  • Easy to use.
  • Provides user friendly interface.
  • Takes less space on the hard disk of your personal computer and does not effect the speed or performance of the PC.
  • Also gives the transition effects to your video.
  • You can select the format of the pictures.
  • It allows you to create a video in different qualities.
  • Overlay text can also be added.
  • Many effects to make the video more pleasant.
  • Many more.

Extra Photo to  Video Converter Free


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