Smash Hit Premium Apk Crack

Smash hit premium apk
Smash hit premium apk

Smash Hit Premium Apk Cracked Free Download

 ….. Smash your way to fun

Smash hit premium apk is a very popular game among android users and have gathered a huge fan base within short time from its release, you’ve got to try this compelling game. It comes to android with neat physics. Are you angry at someone? — Take it out on this game smashing obstacles as you play on. Fire up those adrenaline in this game.
If you love stunning HD graphics, challenges in game and you also love having fun playing games— Then you must try out Smash Hit apk. It is the biggest thing on android today. You will see physics in action. In this game you aim to hit objects in first-person shooter style with limited balls, but you can always get more balls in the premium version of the game.

Smash Hit Premium Apk Overview

As you play on, you will approach many glass barriers, you will have to launch balls to shatter those glasses, the rendering of the glass and the way they break in this game is actually awesome, almost therapeutic; it gives you a real life impression of shattering glass sound.
You will get extra balls for hitting when you hit on crystal, If you were able to hit 10 crystals in a row, you will be rewarded with multi-balls—-don’t forget that you will lose a whole 10 balls if you crash into obstacles. Now as you play on with smash hit premium apk, those crystals won’t be too obvious anymore, there will be new obstacles for you to overcome and general game-play begins to speed up—- that is where things get more interesting. Make sure you have the speaker turned-on as you will enjoy the music that is sync to the game-play, the music also changes as you go through the 50 rooms.
This is a very interesting game, it requires your focus, attention, concentration and timing to not only to go as far as you could but also to break those beautiful glass obstacles and avoid losing your balls by running into obstacles. If you can afford it rather then buying smash hit premium apk we will recommend you to buy it from google store.

Smash your way through futuristic dimension and experience the best destruction physics on your mobile device.

Smash hit premium apk


  • Stunning HD Graphics
  • Easy but challenging enough
  • Music synchronized with the game-play
  • More than 50 rooms
  • Lifelike glass-breaking mechanics in every stage

Smash hit premium apk


Current App Version: 1.3.4
Required OS: Android 2.3 and later version
Game Type: Adventure
Language: English
File Type: APK
File Size: 48MB
Last updated: April 9, 2015
Develop by: Mediocre

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