Plague Inc Apk Full Game Crack | Andriod

Plague Inc Apk Full Game Crack | Andriod
Plague Inc Apk Full Game Crack | Andriod

Download Plague Inc Apk Full Game Crack For Andriod

Plague Inc Apk is very intriguing entertaining game for your android phone.  It has a unique mix of quality, Stunning graphic effects that involves planning a strategy in a terrifying realistic simulation, with a compelling and addictive story line.

Plague Inc full Apk was described by New York Daily News as the “Best Tablet Game of 2012” and it creates a very compelling scene that brings about serious debate on public health issues by CDC.

Plague Inc Apk Full Game Crack | Andriod

What The Game Is All About?

Imagine you find yourself a “patient zero” to any virus, what will you do? —- Will you kill yourself or you will take revenge on the whole world?



Do you have what it takes to infect the whole world? — You have just been infected with a deadly virus from the pathogen that leaves you no chance of survival, and now you have to infect the whole world and bring an end to human race for money and points. You have to outsmart your opponents and governments that are trying to stop you from infecting their population.

Can you do this? — Can you adapt against everything humans do to protect and defend themselves?

Are you ruthless enough to accomplish the mission?

This game was developed by Ndemic Creations and had a global hit of over half million 5 stars rating in just one year. It has also been featured in top Newspapers like the New York Post, The Economist, Boston Herald. Because of the game popularity; Ndemic Creations was invited by Center for Disease Control in Atlanta to speak about the “model of the disease” in the Plague Inc full Apk .


Feature of Plague Inc

  • Plague Inc Apk is User-friendly Interface.
  • Stunning HD graphics.
  • 12 variants of the disease and different strategies to master.
  • Highly Polished Interface (Contagion Guaranteed).
  • Very detailed, realistic world.
  • Full 3D interface.
  • Awesome 3D experience.
  • Easy-to-understand in-game help and tutorials.
  • It has full support for scoreboards and your achievements.
  • You have more than 50 countries to infect, evolve hundreds of traits and adapt to thousands of world events.

Plague Inc Apk Full Game Crack | Andriod

Game Category: Strategy

New Features In The Latest Version of Plague Inc Apk Mod

  • includes teleportation scene
  • There is now development screen
  • New progress screen
  • Uncovered Plague Inc Mutation 10
  • Happily spread your disease all over the globe, some governments has now ban vacations, laughing and events. Fortunately, the Neurax Worm has teamed up with Santa and infecting the whole world with pleasure.
  • There are updates to disease variants, upgrading of global population.

Download Plague Inc Apk Full Game Crack 

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